Because I Couldn't Think of a Title

Late night draws. Man my sleeping schedule is donked up.

Excuse my inactivity, but I was working on my AP Studio Art portfolio these past few months. This is one of my breadth pieces and surprisingly one of my quality despite it being a bit unfinished. With only a week to turning our portfolios in, I got a bit desperate huaheuhuhehahehuhaha

Fact about me: One time I tried calling my friend “dingus” but I accidentally said “dipshit.”

I was playing around in Photoshop with these new tool presets I downloaded and it’s the best thing because I love the pencil line look and I just wanna draw to the ends of the earth and wow these tool presets…

Another concentration piece for AP Studio Art class. so cartoony. i hope the readers dont think its too cartoony… *worries**worries**worries**worries**worries*

a thing i made for another contest but i dunno if i really wanna enter this one… either way THE BINARY TOOL IS SO FUN LIKE WOW WHY COULDNT I HAVE LEARNED ABOUT IT SOONER

also this is 8loodyrain's OC so credit to him for the design

a thing i did for a contest on dA

thing i worked on for my sister’s friend. my sister keeps treating me like her drawing monkey, offering me to her friends to draw their IMVU avatars. this is the last time i ever do anything for free for my sister UGH. also i’m thinking of uploading a speed paint video for this but ehh i still have to think of a background

A work in progress (but I suppose many pieces are in the end) of my first concentration piece for Studio Art AP. Trying to work with the theme “toys.”

Tried to practice rendering skin by drawing Kneesocks from Panty and Stocking.  I really did disregard the hair on this one, mostly because I just wanted to practice skin. And because Kneesocks’ hair is a bit difficult for me. I’ll work harder on hair next time~